Ex-PM Imran Khan arrested

Ex-PM Imran Khan arrested outside court in Pakistan

Imran Khan, ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, imprisoned outside Islamabad’s High Court.

Alleged corruption charges against Mr. Khan, who claims they are politically driven, were being heard in court.

Watch the exclusive video of paramilitary forces apprehending Mr. Khan in armored personnel carriers upon his arrival at the court premises, followed by his immediate departure.

Former Prime Minister ousted in April last year campaigns for early elections.

Upcoming general elections scheduled for later this year.

The Inspector-General of Punjab Police has ordered the arrest of Mr. Khan on charges of corruption and corrupt practices, according to an official statement.

The case pertains to accusations regarding the distribution of land in the Al-Qadir Trust, a property possessed by Mr. Khan and his spouse, according to a report by Dawn newspaper.

Mr. Khan denies any wrongdoing or violation of the law.

Mr. Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, released a video message while travelling to Islamabad, which was made public before his arrest. In the message, he expressed his readiness for the upcoming events.

“Get legal assistance for warrants – our lawyers are ready to help,” he assured. I am fully prepared to face imprisonment if necessary.

PTI urges supporters to join street protests in Lahore and Peshawar. Former PM’s court appearance in central Islamabad witnessed tight security.

Mr. Khan has faced numerous legal cases since his removal from office.

Attempts to apprehend him at his Lahore residence by security forces have been obstructed by his followers on multiple occasions.

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In 2018, he won the prime ministerial election but faced a rift with Pakistan’s influential military. Following a string of defections, he ultimately lost his parliamentary majority. In April 2022, he was removed from his position following a loss in a vote of confidence, marking the end of his four-year tenure.

He is a prominent voice of dissent against the government and military of the nation.

In October, he faced disqualification from public office due to allegations of inaccurate declaration of gifts from foreign dignitaries and the sale of their proceeds.

In the following month, he successfully withstood a firearm assault on his convoy during a demonstration march.

Military warns against baseless allegations as senior officer accused of plotting to kill on Monday.

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